Reception plan for new students

It may be difficult to start a new school because there are new conditions and the student does not know the school environment or the traditions that have arisen there. It is important that new students are introduced to everything going on at school and outside of it. It is emphasized that this is in the hands of prospective supervising teachers and with the help of the class he can make the first steps easier.

The objective:
For a new student, he is welcomed and comfortable, so he maintains his self-confidence and can adapt to the school environment as best he can. If there is a need for interpretation, it comes in all ways. If the case of a student with special needs, parents and school jointly decide how best to meet them.


1. Introduce the student and guardian the school premises (field trip).

2. Introduce student and guardian school rules and curriculum guide.

3. Notify staff of a new student.

4. It is good to prepare the class and get some student to become “guides”.

5. Make sure the student knows about the events that take place in social life, both inside and outside the school.

6. The tutor introduces the student to other teachers and provides information about their well-being.



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